Turnpike Catheter

Constructed with a unique multi-layer shaft to provide superior flexibility, torque and tracking over a 0.014” guidewire in complex coronary and peripheral interventions.

  • Dual-coil design provides superb torque response in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to “turn” through highly stenosed, calcified, CTO lesion.
  • Long, flexible, tapered tip for superior tracking in tortuous vessels.


Engineered for superior crossability in tortuous anatomy and navigating side branches.

  • Available in Straight Tip, Flexible Tip and Angulated Tip version.
  • Dual-coil design in Angulated Tip version to provide excellent torque response, assist guidewire access to highly angulated side branch.
  • Provide flexibility, pushability and kink resistance.
  • Provide guidewire support in tortuous vessels through multiple bends.
  • PTFE liner provides superb guidewire delivery.

Venture Catheter

The only deflectable tip catheter for directing, steering, controlling, and supporting guidewire in challenging anatomy.

  • Deflectable tip with steering control that can deflect up to 90° to direct the guidewire around bends and tortuosity.
  • Multi-layered torque shaft provide enhanced torque transmission.
  • Angled tip provide valuable back-up support for crossing tight lesions and stent jails.

Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheter

Provides an over- the-wire lumen and a rapid exchange lumen in one 3F catheter

  • Allow delivery of a second 0.014” guidewire, contrast or medication without removing the original guidewire.
  • Provide guidewire support for complicated lesions and access to both main branch and side branch simultaneously.
  • Low 3F crossing profile with hydrophilic coating for smooth navigation.
  • Two distal radiopaque markers 1cm apart.

Langston Dual Lumen Cathter

Only catheter designed with a dual lumen to measure the pressure gradient across the aortic valve to determine the degree of aortic stenosis.

  • Independent dual lumen for measuring two differential pressure simultaneously to calculate a precise pressure gradient.
  • Pigtail version to protect the left ventricular wall during placement and injection
  • Multipurpose version for easy crossing over the aortic valve

Minnie V2 Support Catheter

The Minnie support catheters are intended to be used in conjunction with steerable guidewires in order to access discrete regions of arterial and/or coronary vasculature. They may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices. It also may be used to subselectively infuse/ deliver therapeutic agents.