Covered Stent - Begraft

Covered stents that are indicated for treatment of acute coronary or peripheral arteries perforation.

  • One-layered stent graft with a micro-porous ePTFE membrane covering the cobalt-chrome stent platform and a low profile balloon catheter to provide 5F guide compatibility.
  • Exceptional flexibility to provide outstanding lesion access.

Bifurcation Stent - Stentys

The STENTYS Self-Apposing® stents represent a major breakthrough. It consists of a unique, self-expanding stent platform that has been designed and tested to address the challenges of treating coronary arteries with ambiguous vessel diameters or with areas of vessel diameter fluctuations and/or large side branches. It is built out of Nitinol, a titanium alloy with super-elastic properties.

The STENTYS DES(P) has a biostable, polysulphone polymer which elutes Paclitaxel. The proprietary polymer blend carrier has no pharmaceutical action and is composed of Polysulphone (PSU) and soluble Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as an excipient for the polymer blend coating formulation.

The STENTYS stent is designed with small distinctive interconnectors that can be used to create an opening through the stent. It allows the physician to safely navigate and deploy the stent, then disconnect the stent interconnectors with an angioplasty balloon to provide side-branch access independent of the side-branch ostium location.

Bifurcation Stent - Nile Pax

Drug eluting stent specially designed for coronary bifurcation.

  • Specially designed side branch tip that do not need rewire and prevent wire jail, there are less stent overlap after placement and reduce restenosis and thrombosis rate.
  • 6F compatible for all sizes.
  • Consistent 5μm polymer free abluminal Paclitaxel layer that complete reversion to regular chromium cobalt stent over 45 days.
  • Polymer free coating ensures 98% of the drug delivered to lesion and prevent inflammation due to polymer presence or biodegradation.