BPro® Radial Pulse Wave Acquisition Device

The BPro® device is a non-invasive pulse wave acquisition using modified applanation tonometry to acquire reliable and accurate real time arterial radial pulse waves.

By using the captured data, BPro® with its ease of use and integrated application software packages has the potential to make real time 24-hour ABPM and arterial pulse wave measurement the standard of medical care for the early health management of hypertension and related illnesses.

As shown in figure above, BPro® is a watch-like device worn on the patient's wrist. It is easy to use and mount on the wearer's radial artery.

BPro® Features
- Specially designed to visually reflect a watch-like monitoring device
- Lightweight and easy to use
- Specially designed mounting strap to secure BPro® device onto wrist position
- Does not disturb daily activities and night sleep
- Delicate sensor with high accurate data acquisition capability
- Able to monitor 24-hr BP and capture real time arterial pulse waves

BPro® Device Capabilities with Integrated Application Software Package:

- BProSOft® 24-hr ABPM Application Software: A 24-hr macroscopic view of BP patterns, including blood pressure, heart rate, mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure.

- A-PULSE Central Aortic Systolic Pressure [CASP]® Application Software: Real time microscopic arterial pulse waveform analysis

A-PULSE CASP® Features
- Patented built-in formula for deriving CASP
- Simple and easy-to-use
- Clinically validated for accuracy
- Approved by US FDA
- The only device can be used in clinical setting

A-Pulse CASPro® Device