Innotronik Hong Kong Ltd

Innotronik Hong Kong Ltd has been specializing in cardiology & vascular intervention products expands its product range to include cardiac & physiological monitoring, wound management, orthopedics and surgery equipments.

Now, Innotronik Hong Kong Ltd is in partnership with:

  • Spectranetics, Inc. [VI, Scoring Balloon Catheter, Lead Management]
  • Bentley InnoMed GmbH [VI, Stent Graft]
  • QXMedical. [VI, Guiding Extension]
  • Translumina [VI, DES Stent]
  • KCI (Acelity & Systagenix) [Wound Management]
  • MicroPort [Cardiac Rhythm Management]
  • BLOXR Solutions [Radiatopm Protection]
  • Philips [Fetal & Maternal Monitoring System]
  • CNSystem [Continuous BP & Hemodynamics Monitor]
  • HealthSTATS International [BP Monitoring System]