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Innotronik Hong Kong Ltd has been specializing in cardiology & vascular intervention products expands its product range to include cardiac & physiological monitoring, medical & laboratory monitoring, orthopedics and surgery equipments.

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Innotronik Singapore Pte Ltd was set up to expand our business in South East Asia.

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INNOTRONIK GROUP mainly focus on four medical specialties:
Obstetrics/ Gynaecology & Surgery,
Cardiology & Vascular Intervention,
Cardiac & Physiological Monitoring, and

Innotronik Hong Kong Limited was established in 1999, formerly operated under the name China Prospect Hong Kong Limited since 1997, has been focusing on obstetrics & gynaecology equipment. With the expansion to Innotronik Singapore Ltd, we further actualize our mission of leveraging our strong medical background to establish our presence in the cardiology products market and business in other South East Asia countries.

INNOTRONIK GROUP has been concentrating on obstetrics & gynaecology equipment, coronary & peripheral interventional products, as well as other highly specialized equipment for special care units of hospitals. Recently, we further expand our product range to cardiac & physiological monitoring, wound
management and orthopaedics.

Through more than eighteen years of efforts in the medical industry, we have proudly established excellent customer relationship through our professional services as well as good distribution network in these areas. With our expertise in professional medical care, INNOTRONIK GROUP provides world-class products and service to medical professionals and their patients.

Our core value

We always put benefits of patients in our first priority. With the rapid development in the biomedical industry and the evolvement of novel medical products, INNOTRONIK GROUP faces with vibrant opportunities in bringing in technological advancement for optimum health enhancement. We identify and market innovative and world-class products that cater to the patients' specific needs.

With the joint efforts of all our staffs, we are strongly committed to expand, to compete and to strive for excellence.

Our Mission

We proudly run our business with the following missions:

  • To develop partnership with medical professionals to provide excellent services for the benefits of patients:
  • - Bringing the most technologically-advanced medical products in HK and the Southeast Asia to patients and medical professionals;
    - Providing excellent support to medical professionals;
    - Providing world-class service to patients;
    - Improving working efficiency of the medical professionals.

  • To continuously explore novel medical products and technologies over the world to benefit patients in both quality and quantity of life
  • To work hand in hand with our clients to satisfy growing needs of professional medical care